My Life Is Awesome

Everything is Awesome 

When my ocean-like tears get brushed away by my canine best friend 

When gazing at the stars makes me feel the Earth move beneath me and I dream of a distant world 


Everything is awesome  

When the sweat on my brow pays off with a handsome reward 

Or when sadness, that clings onto me like wet clothes, dries over time to leave me alone 


Life is awesome 

When my fingers fly over the piano, richening my ears with spontaneous creations 

Or when I am caught breathless from laughing too long at a silly joke or a silly song 


Life is awesome  

Because the seasons change, confirming it's okay to change as well 

Because night always falls upon us, whispering "Just rest, just breathe"  


My life is awesome 

Because there are people and things, and stars, and laughter, and pianos 

And dreams.  



This poem is about: 
Our world


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