My Modern Day Hero

Your age never held you back from dreaming.

From breaking and reshaping an entire subcultre.

Your gender never hindered you from achiveing.

Having saved thousands of those haunted by the black vulture.


You steped into my life shining that bright light.

That kindness that the world seems to lack.

A gleam that radiates the entire night.

You encouraged me foward, never holding me back.


I can now stand, never to shy to lend a helping hand.

A boss can only speak, a leader goes out and does.

As the online family you created countinues to expand.

People  have now come together, insperation now abuzz.


You Kyle Wiztechie are so very much inspiring.

Once an indivduel lost, on the roam.

Now a group of the hurting, follow untiring,

to a place we all can call home




This poem is about: 
My community


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