My Mother's Words


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My mother’s words
Creep down from heaven above
“Speak not of the past, but of the future, my love”
The burning, the sighing, the slow breathing
Then dying
Left to be forgotten by future generations
“Speak not of the past, but of the future, my love”
They should know of the suffering
My brothers and sisters went through
I lost all of the people that at one time I knew
“Speak not of the past, but of the future, my love”
The crime committed?
Only being ourselves
So why then should our souls be pierced with a sword
Of hate
“Speak not of the past, but the future, my love”
I vow to save those who need the saving
I vow to care for those who are slaving
I vow to soothe those whose souls are craving
“Speak not of the past, but the future, my love”



This is what the world needs to hear.  If only we could all do that all the time.  Let go of the past...give our best to the future!  Thanks!  I really like it!

Rachel Bulko

I love the last part of the poem.

Reiteration of saving, and soothing craving souls create a sense of comfort for me.

This makes a great poem to read before going to bed.

It gives me hope for tomorrow. :)


This is very powerful. The quotes from the mother in the work tie the poem together really well and the imagery is to die for. I admired how the poem did not use forced rhyme, but had rhyme in all the right places. Not all poems have to rhyme in every single line, and you proved that. You are a good writer, keep writing.


Beautiful poem! The use of repitition and powerful diction really sets this optimistic tone in the poem that makes me want to go "save those who need the saving" right now (youcanjayme21, line 17). May God Bless you in everything you do. Keep writing on my friend!

Mrs. Miguel

VERY powerful. Thank you this gives me hope that there are people in the world who think the same way you do. 

Carlos Linares

finally I read something with style!


love and carring kid



Great! I like this one a lot! Power to you!


This poem is beautifully written and very inspiring. It flows very well. Great job!

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