My river

My solace is derived from a place of raw emotion, I’ve practiced the ability to dance with great devotion,Yet use no chord, no beat nor melody,The whistle in my breath is all that I need. My river flows hopes and sunsets unseenand rainbows of gratitude for the pain on this screen,And smells like the tilt of your head when you smile.But when diving in there is no free trial. See learning how to swim seemed the most minacious thing,I momentarily allowed these demons of mine in,Almost-but not,Because learning to travel Through what seemed like fire has helped me unravel,The struggles and deception of my own stinging mind,And now fear I am able to leave it behind. I make it known, I’m not damaged or broken,Instead what I’ve been through to my love is a token,That I have learnt from the things that I’ve doneTo swim a booming river and only focus on a hum.

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