My side of Town

Tue, 04/30/2013 - 20:37 -- bria123

So you want to know
Why happy is the way I look,
But why that’s never ever
My feelings on Facebook?

Yeah, some of my days are exciting
But that doesn’t mean I don’t spend my nights crying.
Never get the impression that my face never frowns
Because you don’t live on my side of town.

Do you know what its like to always be confused
Or how it feels when you’re only someone to be used?
Do you question why I do the things I do?
Well you would to if no one cared about you!

Do you and your mom always fight
Because nothing you ever do is right?
It kills me how I don’t always do things that are bad
But she still finds some way to get mad.

You ask me why I’m stressing at the age of seventeen
But you don’t realize that everyone I benefit is just so mean.
Why in the world am I so giving
When none of you people live the life I’m living?

See, when you’re a baby everything’s so easy.
People show respect even if what you or do or say is cheesy.
In order to get respect now you have to be the class clown.
But you wouldn’t know what that’s like cause’ you don’t live on my side of town.

What you think you know is not the real me.
The person you’re looking at is who I try to be.
You will never see the real I,
Not even the actual day I die.
Hopefully I won’t ever let my life drown
But you couldn’t help any ways, cause’ you don’t live on my side of town!

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I wrote this poem when when I was a sophmore in High School.

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