My Star King

We met in the stars.

The moon, acted as our spotlight as it shown our silhouettes waltzing alone

For on that glorious night, there were no sin to atone.

Your voice carried over to me like the sweet stars twinkling.


Willing me... to stay.

But how cruel mistress sunlight was

Separating us without any cause.

For her rising putrid purples and roaring reds

Dried what was left, leaving it for dead

And desperately since that night I’ve longed for your touch.

The venomous withdraw from you proving to be too much.

Vulnerable in the harsh sunlight

Pleading for the sweet mootlight.

Stumbling, drunkenly I became my own demise

Until I bumped into you and looked into your eyes.

There were the stars I craved to see.

And I was your light in your inky black sea



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