my wife, my best friend

my bible tells me in the book of Ecclesiastes

that when a man leaves his family, he marries his wife under God

when a woman leaves her family, she marries her husband, also under God

we became one under God

in holy matrimony lead by Jesus's words

everyday, it's essential that we lead our marriage with love

not success, not money, not anything else

she is my best friend

she completes me

she does everything that a woman of God that loves Him 1st, and then her husband would do

she loves me

she drives me crazy because that's her job

in a ironic. twisted way

it reminds me in Proverbs 27:17 where iron sharpens iron that a person sharpens one another

we always sharpen one another 

where there are moments of hardships, we are cutting through whatever it is that attempts to seperate us

together by Faith

my wife ask me

how much do i love her

i said i love you deeply that i'll take bullets for her in sacrificing my life for her 

the way Jesus sacrifice His life for us

she know that i came from the streets of the Bronx

she has been to my old stomping grounds

she is not made for the ghetto

i gave up that life to live better

i gave it all up to The Lord and ask Him to keep me away from that place

that was waiting for my name stone written in letters to a grave

all too familiar to dudes in the hood

not only He kept me away, He gave my life back when He sent my angel to me

and here we are

celebrating our 1 year anniversary come May 20th

i know you honey, but there is much more i need to know about you

one thing for sure is that without you, my life is incomplete

love you babygirl

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My family
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I Define Nice

Mr. MVP, the Lord used your preaching of his Word to show me my need to walk closer to the Lord, to seek God's forgiveness for where I have sinned and you encouraged me to keep on keeping on. In addition, those combinations that you put together are amazing. There I say it, your wedding swag is also a ministry.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

Thank you for the luv and support brother
It's all for Jesus, His victory, His glory
We all come up short
It's important to cultivate your spiritual growth with The Lord as I am too.
It's about encouraging, not condemning
It's about agape love to inspire
It was that wedding swag that was lit
Check out my other poems brother

ValanThia VV

Love this ... we had a discussion at work asbout this and it all is so true that he who finds a good wife has found favour in him(God)


MVP-Most Valuable Poet


The Lord gave my life back when He sent my angel

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