Am I losing you? Do you not love me? Am I a freak ? Everything you said did you even mean them? Are you playing me? Is there someone better than me? Not pretty enough? Not worthy to stand by your side? Am I just your toy? Did you even love me? Thoughts that go through my head dancing around like a party My heart pounds with the hard beat that the DJ plays while I take a seat  but everywhere I look there a mask  A mask that hides a question before me When you stood before me Smiling with a sick beat  Holding your hand out for me to take As you dip me upon a dancing fate Why did I ever fall at your feet? Why did I twirl when you're eyes showed me a demon before me? Your eyes glistened with the light A light that showed a path, A path of delight  Your laugh enchanted me  Your smile embraced me Your soft hands brushed against my arms making me shiver  But this shiver wasn't of delight A fantasy that I once dreamed  The happiness that was before me Holding me with such security  But the deposit you took from me Was gone like the thief in the night As the song started to fade away  I watched you dance away  With another woman taking my place Leaving me in the dark With a cold embrace  

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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