Wed, 04/11/2018 - 01:44 -- qadas

i’m exhausted of the numerous times i had to direct your mouth to utter my name

they have never seen this combination of unusual letters that are originated in the alphabets.

i will not hesitate or break down to the useless rhymes you came up with,

you think you're a jokester claiming my five letters and rephrasing to




your original, intelligent, bright, humorous, is that what you're craving?

you intend to use my name as an excuse for your hunger

my name is the capital of palestine, jerusalem

my name was handed to me by my father, i held it like a champion winning a trophy

the diamond letters will blind you with meaning, history and a shiny background

it’s not for sale nor will it be

my name symbolizes “peace” do you not like peace?

this is my language , my identity, every time you steal my ID you give me an invalid one

my father gave me the name with a tear sliding down his cheeks, a tear so valuable to me.

he praised my title exquisitely with every vowel for its rich and historical realm.

so no, my name is not a burden, it's your american tongue lowering your expectations

qaaaa.. And you pause with cariustity

what, say it again?

no, i say it once it's too expensive to say it again.

it’s Qadas, say it right.


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