Native American and Proud

You often do not hear of us,

when race is discussed.

Not in the history books and not in everyday life.

We are a dwindled race with pride and grace,

yet we are still facing the same things.


We were pushed from our home lands,

ancient and sacred to us,

just so that white men could murder animals and ship them onto trains with dishonest conductors.

We were put into reservations,

and stripped of our traditions.


We were forced to walk thousands of miles,

watching our friends die of fatigue and hunger next to us.

We protected ourselves and tried to make peace,

so that our people would be safe,

and hope that our ways would be untouched.


We were told the government would protect us. we were told we would be safe.

We were told many lies,

and had no choice but to obey.

Little did we know that our lives would be forever changed.


Today, people only speak of discrimination between blacks and white,

how slavery was strictly among those two races.

We are taught of old American times when black and white people didn't even use the same seats.

But what of the Native Americans?

The ones of whom went through so much, but yet our history is barely scratched upon.


We are not savages.

We praise a higher spirit and pray for what we have received.

We are thankful for what we have been given.

Some of us are poor and some of us are rich,

but we came from less than nothing, which says more than anything.


My people are strong.

My ancestors have lived through so much.

They fought the fights that were harder than what other races had to endure.

So why is our rich history not taught?

Why do we only learn the few small things we do about my people?


People will never understand our past if it is not taught.

People will never know the truth if it is not first said by someone of high rankings.

We have felt the scorch of racism,

hot upon our calloused and tiered backs.

Yet, we are so proud of our heritage.


You have seldom heard of us,

yet we are around.

Some of us do not look like what we "should."

Some of us do not know what we would have known if things had not happened the way they did,

but we are Native American, and we are proud.



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