My braces and brackets. My curls that I love to twirl. Bown eyes. Brows with a high arch. I don't know if I can tell you all begining to start. Yellow  skin. 5"6 is where I stand. eighteen and I feel like I'm downing in quicksand. Don't really have many friends. Most won't be there from finish to end. Some try to pretend. Sometimes I just want to be alone. Sometimes I sit on my phone. Looking at what others are doing. I see girl's with a full face of make. I sit in the house with a bare face unashamed. Hair tied, might not even try. At school it's just the same. I'm not ashamed. No make up no filter. Barley post on twitter. Confident in myself, I'm not a quitter. I'm whatever I want to be. So I just move freely. I'm beautiful with and without a filter. With and without make-up I can make someone quiver. My braces and brackets. My natural soft curls. Brown regular eyes that I don't despise. Brows with an high arch. Well is that a good start? 

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