Nature Whispers

Because I love you,

I will smile when you apologize.

Because I love you, I will

never question who that is

behind those stormy eyes.

I will not profess that the

slaps of thunder and jolt of

lightning pain me.

I will not bring notice to the

blood as rare as cherry wine, nor

the rivers of tears across

my chagrin face,

Staining me forever.




I realize.

Nature is not

against me.

I feel Her plush arms

wrap around me

and whisper,

“You do not dance to this beating”.

I am a woman. I am rivers. I am storms.

I am hurricanes.

Because I love myself,

I will step down from these chains

and feel the welcoming green

underneath my light feet.

These feet will learn to forget this

rhythm. I do not dance to this beating.

Because I love you,

I’m leaving.  


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