Need for Speed


United States
40° 47' 29.9076" N, 73° 56' 41.2764" W

My anger is swells
I’ve lost and I fell
Will I ever get up?
Trying is never good enough
I’m and under achieving over achiever
A pessimist and a non-believer
Where will I get this strength from to finally become someone
To not sit on my couch and run my mouth and hold myself captive in my dingy ass house
This is word of mouth
I show no growth, I am a lame
But what can I do, I feel such pain
What to do but fry my brain
Mary Jane come in sight again
Rush my bulbous body with adrenaline
Then maybe I get up and try to crawl through this maze
Maybe run or jump, I’m sure I’ll amaze
I’m tired of losing
Tired of being angry
Tired of know nothings continuously trying to play me
My actions will be shameless and in plain view
Showing you to make it you’ll do whatever you have to
because shit I want a mansion
maybe I’ll have two


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