Neon light

A neon light was flashing at me
Inviting me to come in
It was vibrant but vulgar too
As it illuminated my ageing skin.

So with trepidation I investigated
What the light was trying to promote
I put one foot through the door
As a lump got lodged in my throat.

I could smell a familiar welcoming smell
It was hanging strong in the air
And the silence felt intimidating
So my head was saying beware.

But onward I pushed upon the door
It squeaked loudly as I entered
Embarrassing as hell but I remember thinking
Nothing gained if nothing ventured.

I could hear someones quickening footsteps
They got louder as they got closer
Then suddenly a face appeared
T'was the face of a cheery green grocer.

Good morning Sir said my server
How can I help you today?
As I stuttered like a 5 year old
I said just browsing but thanks anyway.

Persistently the grocer pursued me
Showing me his most popular lines
He said it's why the neon lights are on
It's why the neon light shines.

We sell fresh greens fish and meat here
We offer you all of nature's best
This is a shop that promotes good health
In this shop you should invest.

So I bought a bunch of celery
And I bought loads of fruit and some fish
My server knew exactly what I liked?
As if he knew my every wish...

But he didn't know the best way to treat me
He was pushy and forceful by nature
Abruptly he stuck out his hand for cash
Forceful like the Devils creature.

So me being the man that I am
Obligated as I feel constantly
I buy lots of thing I really don't need
When I should have left instantly

Still no harm done I suppose really
At least I've got loads of supplies
And perhaps in there lies a message
That's gonna take me by surprise...

The hinge creaks loudly as I leave the shop
The neon light don't seem to burn so bright?
But I don't care, I'm going home
So I bid you all Good Night....


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