Never neverland

When I heard the rolling thunder I knew it was too late

To late to ask peter pan to come save me

To come to my window and makes his shadow dance around my room

All to make me look like a fool

To take pixy dust and sprinkle it around with a smile

To carry me away to the stars and beyond

To a far away place that would make me stand in awe

Somewhere were I wouldn’t change

And wouldn't do anything wrong


But now that lightning strikes through thundering skies

I realize it's the end

End of childish games

No more fairy tales and dreaming of what i'll do

It all becomes real

It hurts knowing I’m not a little girl anymore

But the pain proves it meant something,

I just wish the rain would lighten and the world could slow

But I know if I try to go to neverland I won't grow


To be on your own is needed

It teaches you lessons and makes an organism strive

I still have a lot to learn

There's a lot I wanna know and see

But I won't, until I take that jump

No pixy dust

No man to lead me

Just being with myself

Trusting who I am and the people I surrounded myself with

To just be free, to fall and make mistakes

Knowing somehow, someday i’ll succeed

I’m just gonna hope and have faith

I think I know what i'll call this place

Never neverland


A place where you are never too old to dance in your PJ’s

Or go to a park play on a playground

To prank call your friends

To get in food fights

To hold a stuffed animal at tight

Or wish on shooting star at night

It’s not a crime to have a child-like spirit all your life

It’s okay to be who you are no matter what your like

You just have to go and take that jump

And know you’ll fly


This poem is about: 
Our world