A New Me

Throughout the years I have faced many challenges

Filled with longsuffering and hardships

No hope for the future at all

Yet, each and every single one I have overcome


My eyes had been opened

And my mind no longer swirls

I would not let my anxiety take hold of me

Nor my depression again will prevail


Yes, I did have some episodes

A couple here and there

But in 2016 I can say that it was the best year

For I was no longer living in fear


Although many will say they hated it

All of the negative things that occurred

2016 for me was the best year of my life

And I hope that there's more to come


My medicine has helped me

My friends and family too

Even though we might not always agree

I knew what they meant to do


I found myself entirely

Who I am and what I could be

I am a writer and an artist

That's what is meant for me


I've been with someone who will never let me go

They'll be sure to protect me and help me out no matter what

From my worries and my breakdowns even to my doubts

I know I can count on them and that's what matters most


It's because of them that I've been able to truly be myself

They helped me realize that I no longer have to pretend

I can just be my true self, all of my flaws included

And it will all be ok because that's who I really am


So 2016 has been a year of self-discovery and tranquility

Without all of these experiences that I have gone through,

I would never have found the courage to accept all of me

And it's ok to be me, no matter what I experienced

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