A New Pair


When everything you ever wanted is right there in front of you,
 Yet somehow you let it slip through your fingers;
 That’s when you know you need to step back,
 Look through a window; reanalyze your life. 
 That’s when you know that the shoes you’re walking in
 Are no longer truly yours.
 That either you haven’t fully undergone the transformation
 To make you who you are;
 Or that you aren’t paying attention to who you’ve truly become.
 That’s when you need to either invest in a new pair of shoes,
 Or in a new pair of feet.

Writing lets us do just that.
 Poetry provides a way to look at your life,
 It is the mirror that one needs in order to understand.
 It is the ethanol that helps that fruit to grow and blossom
 Into the beautiful ripe orange that it was meant to be
 Ever since it blossomed from that green bud.
 Writing helps us to look at our life
 From a perspective that we never could have seen it from
 If it weren't for those beautiful words.
Writing lets us reanalyze our life in the way that we need to,
 And that is why I write.


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