New Picture

You ask me what am I thankful for, 

I am thankful for being hurt 


I am stronger since my mom has died,

I am glad that boy played me like a radio,

I am proud that my classmates have read me as the wrong scenerio


Pain has taught me a lesson and it has been my biggest blessing,

I now accept change and different angles in life,

Pain scolded me but it did not leave a hold on me 


If my mom did not die,

I wouldn´t know how it felt to be a hard working woman,

I would not see the joy in being black,

I would not know how to look in the mirror and say I am beautiful


I did not need JH to tell me how pretty I am,

He only wanted one thing and I am glad he showed it,

He taught me what boys to avoid and that I need to focus on myself


Just like my classmates did to,

When I go into the halls and classrooms they bully me with their words,

Laugh and say I am ugly and I do not have the new weave,

Kick me down because I cannot step on my foot with the right shoes,

Bullying taught me I have so much to lose


I love my pain,

I got over my pain,

It taught me how to stand up and be me,

I don´t anyone to define me,

I secure the truth in me 

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