No Filter

Mon, 01/19/2015 - 17:05 -- zinny.

Light, Camera, Action

The day begins.

I do not wear makeup on my face

Maybe some on what i show 

There is a mask 


My words have meaning;

no one reads them.


The world's eyes see? Maybe.


I am a young female with a constant flow of words in her head,

Not like a dictionary.

Not like a newspaper.

Not like the sentences you speak.

Scrabble---Scrabble is me


I am a young female with a faded dream 

A dream she sees unclear-----No.

Many Dreams,

All scrabbled.

Still piecing them together--puzzle pieces.

I see a dream unclear,

I do not know how to pursue it.


I write.

This girl does not call herself a poet;

You may call me a non-conformist,

because conforming has gotten me into trouble.



My mind will be the end of my sanity;

into madness my mind will go 

But do not fear, I am still here,

yet, the end is not near


I am madness 

and you will not make me sane 

I am not a freethinker 

I am a differentiator


I write my thoughts.

I give you a piece of me;

a piece of me you will take.

My filter has been cut off,

 this is my-- No Filter.





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