No Filter: A Poem About 'Someone'

Fri, 03/06/2015 - 02:04 -- 06rowdy


No Filter

A Poem About ‘Someone’


What makes a person someone?

What classifies a person as someone?

Is it your clothes?

Is it your looks?

Or is it an image that you make of yourself?


Modern generations use virtually anything they can to make themselves someone.

Filters, vignettes, collages and applications.

Soon these people find they don’t know their own ‘someone.’

They may be someone but are they really ‘someone?’

What is the worth of being someone when to yourself you aren’t ‘someone?’

And soon that someone finds that they are no one.


What makes a person no one?

You become forgotten.

You become unknown.

You become the no one that others whisper about

The no one in the corner

The no one in the shadows.

You become the no one in the shadows of the someones.

The others who make themselves a part of what used to make you someone.

But are they really ‘someone?’

Or are they classified as one that others call someone?


But if you throw away the filters.

Throw away the technology.

Throw away the apps that make you someone.

Show the someones your REAL ‘someone.’

And soon, that no one will become ‘someone.’

And that no one will rise above the someones as a cloud that blankets the now no ones below.

And that once no one is now ‘someone.’

And that ‘someone’ will become one.

Because they have won.

Won against the no ones who think they are someone.

When in reality, when you are no one, you can always be ‘someone.’

Because you are ‘Someone.’

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