I've had to say it a few times in my #life

that I don't want you to go through my cell phone.

It is not because I have anything to hide,

No #DeepDarkSecrets hiding there, not even "suggestive content,

No, I just don't want you to see how many #selfies I take.


It may seem silly or ridiculous to you, 

how many times I can capture a fraction of a second 

of feeling particularly #attractive-

I just want to get it right. 

Smirks, winks, expressions of surprise, 

or those times when I'm attempting to be deep or #edgy-

I don't know...

Maybe it is a little silly.


There's just something a little satisfying about feeling #pretty,

and prior to contrary belief, that's a rare thing for me.

That's why these "selfies" are hidden away,

deep within the dark recesses of my iPhone.

I delete them when I think too hard about it,

because they mostly fail to capture how I feel, how I am,

sometimes I think they make me look scary,

too boundless, or intimidating. 

That's just not #me.


#NoFilters, no editing, 

just a young lady who spent too much time on her makeup

even though she'll be #StayingInHerRoom all day.


So don't give me that mischevious look when I request that you, 

"Please, don't go through my phone."

Because you are so quick to #judge,

and I know you don't mean it, 

But I am so quick to take it to #heart. 


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