“ You don’t need a filter.”

“Well why not?”

“ You’re already beautiful.”

“Okay and?...”

“What do you mean and?”

“You said I don’t need a filter because I’m already beautiful...and? I know I’m beautiful. There’s no one else quite like me. I am unique in every aspect, and there’s no clear way to define me. And you can’t try to either. A definition of an object means that it is permanently set within those standards, leaving no room for change. And I am constantly changing, constantly redefining myself.

I am beautiful...And I am smart, creative, talented, quirky, classy and sophisticated. A bit of a weirdo but normal is boring. I like the term whimsical or eccentric.

I am moody...But I am also a teen and I’m also a human being. I’ll my good days and bad days, and days that are just eh.

I am...a force of nature, a beautiful disaster, a force to be reckoned with. I can be as calm as the sea and just as vicious.

I am...a person with real feelings, and issues, and problems, just as important to me as yours seem to be to you. You can’t belittle mine and make me feel as though I should stop caring so much about myself because other peoples problems are more important. I am just as important. And my problems matter, because I matter.


You said I didn’t need a filter because I’m already beautiful...Well that’s not it. I know I am beautiful but I am also so much more. I am all those things and more. What you’re saying is my outside is just as grand and wonderful as what’s inside and you’re right; that’s beautiful. And no, I don’t need to hide it behind a filter, but that doesn’t mean I can’t use it to enhance my natural beauty. And that’s not going to stop me from using one just because I want to.”


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