noises and a strange phenomon


I first witnessed changes from my body that would make history

but as my life moved on so quickly i became a legend of mystery

the strange phenomon in me went in circles several times around

as this feeling of my soul and my legs walking from the ground

 my abilty of what I create on my own is a character that belongs to me

 what ever i leave back behind is my own spirit which i can usally see

I take a breath and a step forward everytime I show my hidden skills

I feel the abilty to move objects somehow and sometimes feel the chills

the things wrong with me is not a mental illiness or maybe its fundemental

but something else is trying to connect to me spirtiually belongs convidental

every now then I pray in my own creative way to unleash a good demon

but some reason i felt the need to jerk off and swallow my own semon

the robot inside of me is like a movie or a xbox on video game

the job that i do requires me to talk to a person that has no name

the whispering worship of satan continues to be a flaw

I normally get a minor pain feeling in my upper jaw

once I had the urge to eat meat raw but the blood poison is deadly

I usally love to sing to the lord in my bathroom but its off meadly

when god comes back there will be nothing more than a disaster

I litterly think we have nothing more than evil maniaiac bastered

according to my theory my grandpa knows the bible words are sadly broken

while preachers preach in gods ways unbelievble saying is clearly spoken

the rich may have many houses but god has more for visting

god would love more peace for several people who are listning



















































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