Not All Flowers Can be Held


You've been with me for all my life;

time I've thrown away.


I used to pick up your petals

when they fell before.

They stayed for some time my dear,

but not so anymore.


Your colors; faded.  Your stem; broken.  Your petals; withered away.


You didn't look like that in younger days,

or was I just so blind?

I did not see all the pieces

that I'd left behind.


You have no eyes

so you can't see

the pain that lies beneath,

but now, my friend,

the time has come

for sorrows to release.


You've been with me for all my life,

but now your beauty's gone.

I must let go

'cause if I don't

neither will go on.


I'll see you again

in another life.

Perhaps this time you'll stay.

But until then remember me

'cause good times will not fade.




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