Not Me

Sun, 06/08/2014 - 13:35 -- AJay

I'm not like those other girls

They wink and they giggle

Because they want a guy

Because they think that he will be there

Complimenting, protecting, and never second guessing

Well that isn't me

I'm tough, I'm strong

And all five feet of me can stand on my own

So if you want that type of neediness

You will find her over there


I'm not like those other girls

Vomiting because they are 100 pounds

Allowing their beds to anyone to make a dollar

Hiding behind make-up because they haven't found their beauty

Using a man for his money and then watching them leave

Well, that isn't me

I know what I am, I know what I'm not

And no one can convince me otherwise

So if you want easy to control and eager to please

You won't find her standing here


I'm not like those other girls

Fake although they are made up of real components

Smiling in their best friend's face and then telling the world their secrets

Laughing because their homie has a cool TV

Then throwing them away because they are done

Well, that isn't me

I'm nice and shy

And I will kill anyone who hurts my friend

So if you are looking for fake and un authentic

Go look in aisle eleven on the top shelf


I'm not like anyone else

I don't listen to the judgemental inner voice

When she scans you for imperfections and blemishes

I don't care what other people think about my friends and me

Not even when they are my friend and are talking crap

Because that isn't me

I will defend another until I die

Even if they wouldn't do the same

So if you are looking for that type of person

Go find some one else because it isn't me




this is excellent writing

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