Not Worth Killing For

Is our love real or fake?

All I wanted was to communicate.

But you thought that was lame.

And decided to ditch me for the game.

I tried telling myself that this was love.

Even after the first shove.

The bruises showed under my disguise.

All you did was tell lies.

You told me you loved me.

But this love doesn't make me free.

My body feels the payment.

Even as you smash my body down to the pavement.

As you tell me your sorry again.

I know your promises will begin.

But they're all empty, nothing there to show.

No happiness or love to grow.

I wanted love,

Instead I got a shove.

This isn't happily ever after.

There is no happiness, no laughter.

So now I have to leave.

Because you wouldn't let me breathe.

As I go to go away.

You shove me against the wall, taking my breath away.

As your hands circle around my neck,

I go into reality check.

You never loved me at all.

I never knew my fall.

I promised myself that I'll never go back.

As my vision goes black.

Now I will never breathe again.

No more love to begin.

I thought what we had was love.

But now I have to watch from above.

Because now I can love no more.

Our love wasn't worth so much to kill for.

The love never existed.

The truth was twisted.

Now death is all I see.

Because you never loved me.

This poem is about: 
Our world



Very impactful *snaps snaps snaps * I can see the real emotion. Youvare a beautiful writer.


Thank you. Your opinion is appreciated.