Like Nothing More

Love is like a distant cousin 

You seldom see each other,  

But when it visits 

It's a reason to celebrate. 


It doesn't ask for much 

Only a place to stay and be cherished. 

You know what it needs— 

A kiss, 

A comfort, 

A secret 

Shared beneath the stars. 


You know it wants your trust and respect 

Two honors that are not easily earned, 

But essential nonetheless. 

It demands attention and time— 

Like a fitful child. 

A price repaid in concordant heartbeats 

And warm beds on cold nights. 


Your love is like a partner in crime 

Loyal and daring,  

A promise of mischief when no one is watching. 

It is a dialogue of truths, 

Of candid aspirations  

Words that no longer echo off of empty walls. 


Your arms are an anchor

Hands gentle but firm.  

Affectionate intentions, 

Never an inkling of harm. 

A circle of safety surreal to others. 


Selfless acts from you 

Make it hard to believe I'm yours. 

A precious smile labeled mine, 

And a word  

Or more 

Aptly explain: 

"Because I love you 

Like nothing more." 


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