To Obtain


45° 29' 48.804" N, 73° 35' 3.5016" W

Many titles does she hold, “Beauty’s Bearer, Earth’s Delight, Queen of Lights and Shadows

All this she is and so much more, especially to the mortal man she touched with her otherworldly glow

She stepped from her throne in a distant realm through a portal known to many

The man beheld her as she graced through the portal and into his realm

No creature before could he compare her to, she was higher in loveliness and grace than all else

Like the stars are above even earth’s highest peaks, so was she to all women

To the man she was no mere women, she was a glistening beam of starlight

Only that title could come close to honoring her, the beauty of her being abounds all earthly things

To her he handed his sight, his attention, his strength, his will, his vigor, and his desire

Like holding a cup in her hand, so does she hold everything the man holds dear

For to him she is dearest, to him she is most precious, to him she beams brighter and amasses higher than all else

Adoration and devotion are the only possible gifts to offer an empress who has all other things the world values-intelligence, poise, charm, beauty

Into the depths of his soul he pours out to her the riches of his substance

Hoping she finds them pleasing, hoping she deems him worthy to obtain her favor




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