Ode to the Wild

The first time I got them done was last summer

Over seas

Under cover

Over insecurities

I was over being stoppable

I felt like a queen

Why cannot or could not I love them as they were

Why did not anyone or did not I think anyone noticed me until they were maintained

So I loved you not then, but you are beautiful now

You are beautiful; big bushy, Mufasa man, inspirationally untamed

Not only because of your subtle arch but because I see better when you are here

Not because I felt better when I destroyed you but because I perpetuate a better me when I do not mess with you

I appreciated

I appreciate your natural


What is a razor now

What are plyers or blades or scissors

I like the sight of latex and the carpet attached to my legs

I like the idea now

I love the thought now

And even if he did not love me I would still love you now.

Glorify your pressence

My essence

Getting over anyones questions

Because I accepts you eyebrows

and Eyelashes

and Pubics

and Legs

It is only natural

I have been natural

I decided to adore my natural

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