Once Upon A Time

I met her in a dream

Crazy as it seems

She laughed like I did

And I found that funny

Because she smiled like me too

And I began to wonder who cloned me


I met her in a dream

Sulking in her glory

Holding her head so high and mighty

Warm like the sunshine

Never, ever boring

And I began to wonder what went through her mind


I met her in a dream

Tall and proud

Dancing about the flowers

Singing so obnoxious and loud

Looking at me like I was crazy

But really, I was feeling lazy


I met her in a dream

Bouncing like a ball

Spinning like the earth

But never did she fall

Nothing ever hurt her

And nothing ever would

Nothing darkened her skies

Nothing ever could


I met her in a dream

Smiling like the stars

Brightening others worlds

Near and far

Not a problem in her world

Nothing in her life

That could ever bring her down

She took her precious time


I met her in a dream

She approached my dark corner

Holding out her hand

I took a look, and adored her

We introduced our names simultaneously

She laughed and I cried

Because I shook hands with the girl

I was once upon a time

-Chloe Aldecoa


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