One Love

One Love 

Look me in my eyes, now try to see. What i go through? I know its kind of hard to believe. Not a product of the streets but living life; kind of dumb, they tell me i'm too young to try and find a wife!

So what is right? I'm feeling wrong; not holding on, never been strong, the type with no shoulder to lean on. You seen i been blown puffing opposite off "indo", been chilling for a week though trying to build up my pesos.

So do it pay bro? I'm doing what you say so. They life the fast life but my mind moves in slow-mo. I hustle hard but living weel a'int easy; i get offended when they tell me take it easy.

Never been a schemer; day dreamer trying to live it out. My only curse is that i'm from the South.

Close to anemic, i hope you see it. Flash backs off body wraps; perfect sceneries. All the Kings that use to be glorifying misery; companies that bankrupt from accounts overseas. I seek attention cause all my enemies be showing amenities; never giving common curtesy, but i adapt and give them nothing but facts and reinvent the meaning of swag, style, and fashion.

I transform into another reason to achieve what ever that you are dreaming. Born and raised in where ever that my mind is at. I make you feel it like a hypochondriac. I get feelings that HATE is always coming back.

But no matter what, and through it all, it's still ONE LOVE.

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