One's self discovery .

Discovery of one’s self
Almost impossible to describe one’s self just as much with all that cost an empirical half
though experiences may tell a hint of what capable we are of , as to bare essence why we fell as parable to afar off
But experiences are contradicted, but at the end of the day we can at least understand our attitudes, it depends on the realistic and the hints we got more in the roots .
Now why we can tell about others more than us and a well allowed to keep ourselves sworn on buzz ? .
We like to avoid staying alone and thinking separately thus it annoys playing indirectly at least , in a direct way , there are others know themselves more than others and that is as better as half path of truth but that bothers because we never can be very real at a degree to adapt with any real fact ,but sorry never helped many that like to steal the exact ; the exact keeps us alive and is the most important part in our life , because we know better of our lies , leave mortal weather and describe the important wise
If we like to be little bit deep and very honest , we are idiots no matter how smart we ever think , we sleep and we are dishonest in some part , so we just like to be wrecked with the fancy and never think we can be kicked by the life sea . We can know and show better though. It is worth, we will see .


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