The Ones Who Don't Have a Voice

An Open Letter to Animal Lovers,

Sometimes the world treats animals with malice.

And human actions are judged as callous.


When defenseless animals in yards are chained

They're swamped in mud because it's just rained.


Their faces in numerous tears are stained;

And their thin bodies are racked in pain.


Who will hear their cry?

It's not enough to heave a heavy sigh!


Don't be the one to sit silently by

While the defenseless ones quietly die.


So, please, decide to volunteer

Because many overcrowded shelters are near.

Your kindness will soothe those animals in fear.


So please let compassion be your drive

So all mistreated animals will thrive.


All of God's creatures should be held dear

Their soulful eyes your heart will sear.


That's why I live and thrive to be a vet

So I can help each and every pet.







This poem is about: 
Our world