Open The Closet Door


Why is it such a big deal?

Why is it such an issue?

If a girl wants to sag her pants and get fresh like the guys do

she can

Why is it such a bother?

If a girl would rather be her child's father

I can

Why is it that we have to hide?

That is the problem, we do not, that is why we celebrate our sexuality with PRIDE

We can

these pains i hold in my hand

pains of discrimination


there is no reciprocity

poor little girl who answers every time her mother asks

"do you like girls or boys?" how the hell am I gonna answer that??

"I like boys" keeping the closet closed


having the fear of being written off some way or another

put off on the street disconnected from my mother, father, and brother

why cant this "gay" closet be opened and set free? 

I know a lot of other people are going through it, not just me

but when i sit here and think of MY life

MY choices

MY world

MY heart

MY self worth

less and less do the repercussions hurt

less and less do i feel minor or wrong

less and less do I portray my life as a sad, morbid song

I want my closet opened for the world to know

for the people to see

see me being me and letting nothing stop my flow

girls, girls, girls, girls

WOMEN i do adore

i want my women on my arm when i open my closet door

no one, for now, knows my secret

but i will not ask anyone to keep it

i will stop closing my closet door 

that door opens up a new world 

a more exciting world for me to explore

no more

poor little girl who gives that mediocre answer to her mother every time she is asked

"do you like boys or girls?" I know how to answer that

"Women, I like women" opening the closet door

risking having to later on pick my teeth up off the floor

just for the truth i provided

nothing subsided


everything is out there

bound to be judged

and smudged out of the picture by many

but i am now looking for a "damn" to give

there aren't any

I slammed that 

I slammed that closet door behind me so hard

in an effort to never have to go back and remember how hard it was to open

I have spoken

All of the people struggling with my problem, here is your token

it may take a lot of force to open my slammed door

but be bold and courageous and do not be threatened for being who you are anymore

I am speaking out, as well as to myself

I place my hidden, darkened heart on a shelf 

bad memories

remember me

when you open your closet door, do not shut it

the person behind you has to come in

do not make the same mistake i did

be you, be free, make living your life, a chore

Baby, please, open the closet door




wow nice :) speechless


thank you so much


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