Our Representative Democracy


United States
40° 35' 36.2616" N, 111° 57' 51.0228" W

Nothing ever changes.
Burning down the homes of the loved,
burning down the dreams of the innocent,
capturing all and killing,
looking at as less than man, less than animal, property
working, dying, starving,
not realizing the harm, the insanity
smiling, laughing, joking,
it's all just a game
where nothing bad happens to you,
it all just a game
where everyone else is running scared
and we call ourselves a democracy
standing up for what is free
this is the America we all hold dear
the America we live in



This poem is about how ignorant American's are about what is happening globally. It focuses on how we do not know enough history about our relationships with other nation's which highlights our ignorance toward people who are from said nations.


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