Out Loud Thinking


When you ignore me you're only hurting me more
Life's a journey and there's so much to explore
Take me as I am or watch me walk out another door
Not for you but for me I'm doing this for
God whispered in my ear and said "this is only a test"
He's guided me this far for this I'm truly blessed
He placed good people in my life, I hold them at my heart
Changing for the best so we won't be split apart
The trials and errors of life are simply a test of my faith
You've gotten me through the good and the bad, you've left a warm embrace
Emotions everywhere not truly understanding me
Its time to unlock these shackles and let me fly free
No longer a little girl I have to push my luck
Exploring what life has to offer and asking for help when I'm stuck
Take responsibility for no longer is this a game
No longer 6 years old where everyone else was to blame
I take a step but get pushed back 5 all in one night
I smile and say," alright this is the game we call life"
10 years from now I would never believe this was me
When the going got tough and I accepted reality
I look in the mirror I see a wonderful creation of man
The reflection looks back at me and says this is Victoria Ann

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