Outside the street


El Barrio
3230 N. KIP ST.
United States
39° 59' 56.364" N, 75° 7' 34.086" W

All i see in the streets today is the visions of dope dealers and drug dealers,

As im listening to the radio, i hear that  another lost soul was killed due to violence.

When i see the rain falling to the ground, 

I know that bodies of children and adults were put to rest.

In the streets you can't settle for less,

You have to get the best,

No matter how much it is.

New cell phones and kicks,

Calling us females hoes and nut behind tricks.

Parents disappointed on the life their children choose to live,

Parents hoping they'll learn the lesson of the street life.

When i see the dark clouds in the city,

I wonder who's going to be next.

some females would let a man take their childhood away, 

and give them sex just to get money.

can't we resist the power of a gun.

Thoughts in my head saying why me,why me,

to think about it, 

It's not me it's the world we live in today. 

We all need to come to together and pray for the lost souls.

They need come alive and live outside the streets.

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