Speak your mind before others speak it for you

Before they put words in your mouth

Words you despise yet sit back and take 

Take them because your too passive to stand up for yourself

Pacifists won't make a change, won't stand up for themselves or others

Let the world walk all over your passive self or speak up and change it 

Spit their words out and make sure they hear your real voice

The voice you have the right to raise, to shout and be heard

Your opinion and beliefs and ideals all just as important as theirs

Don't let them cram their minds down your throat 

Speak your mind or never really be heard





My entry for the Speak Your Mind Scholarship Slam.


Nice poem! Either we choose people to speak for us or we choose to speak up for ourselves. That is the whole point of for us to speak our minds and let our voices be heard out loud through our poems. Your poem really does represent the voice of us all. Never stop speaking up! Keep writing on my friend ;)!

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