Pull me out I’m buried 6 feet under
It’s too much, my life asunder
No matter how much I kick, how much I scream
I wake up finding happiness a dream
To go further is to stray
To live is to die, day by day
Without compassion, there is no purpose
It’s not me, whatever’s on the surface
Only God knows where I’ll go
But this cross to bear is one that I’ll tow
I keep wishing, but it all fades away
The biggest lie I always tell is that I’m okay
To be happy, loved, to care and to feel
I realize that none of that is real
I must go and never turn back
Else the heart, my mind will rack
Not a drop of hate should be filled in this life
But a pool of blood shall rain from the knife
The pain never fades, it is always present
My character, my pose, ever so decadent
To die in vain, and always feel pain
To live my life is to live with rain.

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