Mon, 05/12/2014 - 18:33 -- Randall

Speak you mind poetry slam

Who made paper?

Who stole from the trees?

Who lied to the birds?

Who sung to the bees?

Paper controls all we know

If paper had his way, he would control snow

Paper controls where you live

It controls where you eat

 And if you let it, where you weep

Paper decides where you go

Prevents the homeless to prosper and grow

Paper is really funny, some of you think that I am just talking about money

I also speak of the paper you use to take test

This piece of paper tells you, you’re dumb or one of the best

Resumes are written on paper too

Tells employers if you’re fit and explains what you can do

Why must paper control and define us

The same paper we” love” can be used to confine us

The poor wish they had paper to put in a wallet, into their pocket near their waist

 Many rappers claim to be on a paper chase

 College student wish bad grades on their papers could be erased

In order to get a diploma ,a piece of paper, that allows for one in the career world to finally have a place

Corporate and government wants to control most of the paper pace

I don’t wish that we solve this with haste

I just want us all to look at paper face to face

And determine the weight of it pertaining to your life

And don’t let it cause you strife

Live free. Be happy. Be free

Because paper is just that…….




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