To The Past Lost Me

To the past young lost me:

I’m sorry you’re suffering

Alone, sad, confused

Sharp reality cutting from the “friends” that sneered and oppressed you

Red spilling from being torn by it

Feathers falling and eventually your wings lost

Your pain becoming a horn calling to the reaper constantly

Trapped in an overgrown lie for years to yourself and all who you are

No longer able to tell from fake to a real smile even when looking into the mirror 

But I promise you, your spring day, your summer day

will arrive, shining brightly, warm, comforting

Snow that burdened and trapped you melts, your smile and innocence found again

False leaves fall off the tree’s branch, new ones taking their place 

Although painful, your feathers, your wings will grow back

your friends’ hands becoming your wings to fly to the sky

The bleeding stops, the scars fade into time, the horn crumbles powerlessly

Even if they say it’s the price you paid, the reward is much sweeter

You won’t be alone for long, you won’t be in pain for long, you won’t hear tempting death for long

Do not be ashamed for who you are because of the past

For the true friends you’ll find will love you

Accompanied, happy, clear

I know your suffering will be comforted


To the future found you

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