Pay Attention

You would think by now

Wait no, you should know by now I should leave

Leave it all

Wait, that just isn't right either

Can I ask a question?

I just did huh?

And there I go again 


If you go on the regular

You should know how to spell

Multicultural, mixed, biracial



Now what does that say

Apparently that is my definer 

Stop using adjectives and just be a bit kinder

And before you go crazy, I know I contradicted

But the only way to right your wrong

Is to show how wrong your right is wicked

Maybe if you paid attention

Took the time to actually listen

I would not be an unhappy, Straight-A student

Who fears college but should be jubilant

I am overworked and under rewarded

The only way to show who you really are, I guess is to record it


So many bad aspects in this building WE created

How can I fight on, but I keep taking the hit

Because we both know, you're all full of shit. 



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