Pen to Paper

This is what happens when the truth finally breaks through,
The endless flowing of my incessant thoughts coming unglued.
The glow of wonder and amazement,
That I am utterly filled and emblazoned!

Staring at the distractions all around,
Craving substance that is nowhere to be found.
All my life I knew it was meant to be,
Pen to paper will always set me free!
I lost so much time being stagnant,
Constantly piecing together every fragment.

“What now?” I asked again and again,
Searching for fulfillment through some loyal friend.
Disappointed reared its ugly face,
Leaving me with such a bitter taste.

It’s not their fault I was lost,
Not their fault I didn’t know the cost.
Longing for so much more,
Hoping the next knock would be on the right door.

Faith never left me, I left it,
I’m back with a vengeance, fully ready to commit!
No obstacle will stop me now,
I will accomplish everything, someway, somehow!


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