Wed, 06/19/2013 - 21:18 -- Keem_E


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..Put your thoughts into perception they becomes inception, confusion injected into the minds of young youth thinking they're enforced to do the very thing that ruins society yet it all begins with a person, a parent, caretaker, or individual saying without doing doesn't suffice in the world we're living in today within the life we're given but its twisted by society's own hands and demands..the world came to an end when peace was given up it may be fought for across the seas but whats the purpose if we're being torn apart at home without ease..people being forced to grip a hold of life yet some seem to have no care whatsoever and its brutal but humanity seems to have no mercy whether.. it alters from carrying guns to a school taking the lives of children with dreams seizing their opportunity to follow through or simply refusing to teach what it should be known to survive and make out something of your own it all becomes inception cause things aren't what they seem visions of better and brighter days die out and fade away like a breeze..wind blows trees grow nature is beautiful and despite all of the bad which occurs in this world there is always some amount of good that lasts or life and learn the lessons it teaches so when children are born and make it through the storm it becomes them that preaches to society and gets humanity back to peace yet it all begins with you and if there is no effort society will continue to be deceased..


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