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Do you ever sit around and ask yourself
What if I could start all over again?
Take what I know now and make a change in my life.
That is an oppurtunity some people would do anything for.
But I believe that when you live life with a pile of regrets,
you will never be truly happy.
Spending all your time wondering, what if this happened and what if this didn't?
Those moments are what define you and impact who you are today.
Not proud of what you said or what you did?
You're going to have to get over it.
This is something everyone has to come to terms with.
There is no magic redo button that you can use.
Stop spending your time walking on eggshells
and embrace who you are.
I may not be the one to preach but this is something I stand by.
Being someone who has made plenty of mistakes, I've learned to not let them change how I see myself.
We are only humans and no one can ever be perfect.
We would all be a lot better off if we all realized that.
There would be less fighting going on between another.
People wouldn't walk around, constantly checking over their shoulders.
That guy thinks you don't look half as good as the girl next to you? So what.
The girl next to you got a higher score on her test? So what.
Someone has a different opinion than you? So what.
Like I said, no one is perfect.
Learn to love not only yourself but those around you.
Then you'll be able to live your life with no regrets.

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