Perfect Match

Sat, 05/31/2014 - 23:49 -- sopoku


United States
38° 32' 59.8668" N, 121° 23' 18.4812" W
United States
38° 32' 59.8668" N, 121° 23' 18.4812" W

I remember 
the first time you drew in my intoxicating fragrance;
Your watery eyes
Aching chest
And burning throat—
As if someone lit a match on your tongue, and slowly ran it down the inside of your neck towards your heart...
You coughed
And coughed again, 
And coughed as though death himself, with an awkward rhythm and jagged knuckles, knocked a deadly tune at your lungs; 
A song you had never heard before

And I won't forget your words
You called me revolting, disgusting and repulsive

Swore never to touch me again…

And yet, here we are
As we have been so many times before 
Your warm and eager fingers wrapped softly around my hollow figure as I'm delicately pressed to your curving lips 
You inhale, then exhale
And inhale, then exhale 
It’s an endless circle we cannot break because when I burn, 
you burn alongside me
And I know you prefer that sensation, however toxic it may be, over no sensation at all 
So I guess this is our love, 
Not a once-upon-a-time kind of love
But a hold-me-when-the-clock-strikes-twelve kind of love
And I will
Hold you and lie and tell you that it's only half past nine

So I can keep you longer,

If you let me
I will 


Sam I Am



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