The Perfect Paper



Stuck like a little ring on a big middle finger

Like a piece of hubba bubba bubble gum on the bottom of a germ filled school desk

Stuck like the second hand of the clock when you stare at it too long

Procrastination is bothering me, messing with me like a bully

Its beating me up and cursing at me

My mind follows it like follow the leader

Simon says. Procrastination says

THE. that's the way to start off a paper

A magnificent amazing imperfect paper

Stuck, like now, frozen in motion

Closing all tabs so it's not a distraction

My head fills with fun and joy look at all the action

Figmentation plays me, pulls me out of reality

Shows the fool inside of me, timed fruit tree

Sublime loopy’s, like abc’s

Come out of mentality



Stuck everyone’s finished but me

In my room everyone is finished but me

Everyone is done even if i’m alone

THE... girl.


THE... book.


THE, THE, THE what, THE what

My mind is void, empty, but filled with amusement

Everything else I’d rather do, everywhere else I'd rather be

But stuck

come on vamanos! Everybody let’s go!

Grab your backpack, jump in, procrastination leads the way hey hey

Focus!, focus!, focus!


The mind interestingly begins to think crazy things when you’re stuck

How did Dora jump into my head

I don’t even like her

Or her backpack or her pet monkey

I’m too old for imagination

I’m too old for distraction

I’m using limited time to finish my paper

Feeling like every second is watching me

Waiting on me to finish so it can give its attention to someone else

Somewhere else

I watch it as it leaves not wanting to sit and wait with me

As I figure out my thoughts

Everything leaves me

Time. Creativity. Words. My mind.

Everything is gone

Except for “THE

It sits on the paper alone and empty

But filled which so much meaning

THE” longs to be with the words that left me

While I’m still stuck trying to write the perfect paper

THE, starts speaking to me

“Don’t leave me alone down here, I am fading away”

I erase THE and let it go with the words that left me

I start over.

You.. can never write a perfect paper or live a perfect life

Whether you’d be one to work on the ground

Or explore the sky like a kite

Whether your mind focuses better than others

Or runs around like a 3 year old on sugar

With great imagination

You can run with it or stay behind

But nothing can be more perfect than an imperfect mind


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