Perfectly Flawed in Every Flawless Way

Wed, 11/12/2014 - 10:39 -- _808mad

Perfectly Flawed in Every Flawless Way

Perfection in one stroke of a makeup brush to our beautifully flawed faces

Or so we’ve been taught since we were little girls watching Disney princesses

How corrupt a life we’ve lived to think perfection lies behind a mask

Take pride in those effortless flaws you wear every day in class


Let down your natural hair and take off that cover up

Strut those flaws, and get ready for your close up

Be fierce, be confident and let those hips sway

Be perfectly flawed in every flawless way


Love yourself and all that you are

Embrace those curves and all those scars

You are beautifully imperfect in every which way

So relish in your beauty every single day


Your inner diva is dying to come out

Be Sasha fierce and don’t live in doubt

Our beauty lies within and exuberates through our flaws

Something we’re born with and can’t be given from Oz


The Disney princesses lied, we don’t wake up flawless

We wake up foxy and fierce and should stop being so modest

For we are exquisite creations made from god

Who made us powerfully flawed


Don’t hide behind that combination of liquids applied to your face

For you are flawlessly flawed, so own it with grace


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