Sometimes I brush my Hair,
and some days I don't care.
Sometimes I wake up and don't
Even know what to wear.

Sometimes I cry alot or never
Shed a Tear.
Sometimes I laugh alot or just
Make a Smile Appear.

But when I Look in the Mirror
to see the Flawed Me.
I Fall in Love with Everything That I See,
Because all of my Flaws Fit Me Just Perfectly.

My Big Brown Eyes,
My Cute Button Nose.
Everything is there where
Its suppose to Go.

So why Complain?
Just be Yourself.
No need to Change
For someone Else.

Just Take me as I Am,
Or Have Nothing at All.
Because like I said I'm
Perfectly Flawed.

This is just my Opinion
But a life Learned Lesson.
Don't Change Yourself because
Your PerFLAWless self is a true Blessing.


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