Perpetrating The Fraud

Isn’t it weird how your unconscious consciously decides

Based upon what you unconsciously desire

So what you want isn’t what you admire

It’s what you expect based on intrinsical motives inside

And that’s what we all find

Buried deep into the mind, is the sublime

We want to be courted, wine and dined

We are wired to feel important

But then try to act as though we're not as automaton

As we really are, or really aren’t.


In a setting where the pieces can be drawn apart

An operation about what’s deep in our minds, our hearts

Are we really satisfied existing for ourselves?

Of course not, why else capture the selfies of our heads

Can we not fascinate our minds with,

…Something not made from our own kind?

Because in all honesty, that’s what it is

An affinity to transcend, to define beauty with you and me

I’d like someone to argue against me

But when have you taken a picture of true beauty without saying:

“Here, take a picture with ME and this.”


Aren’t we feeling ourselves a little too much?

We pump ourselves up like were so powerful

But put the pressure on and we’ve got no clutch’

But we can still run our mouths, Lemme just say:

No, Hush.

Because we can’t perform.

We don’t need to perform.

The things that take effort

We leave it to the minds above the norm

Why do you think we reiterate the past?

I believe it is to make what is here now more relevant

But is the strive for greatness more pertinent

Knowing that we once lived in a cave

Just in case I’m wrong and my perception is erroneous

Make sure you doing your part by not being stagnant

After all, at the end of the day

It’s not what you do, it’s how you be

So how do you be?

Are you going to tell me I’m wrong, or stay perpetrating the fraud?



This poem is about: 
Our world


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